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What is Grow Your Mind?

GYM is a whole school wellbeing program for students, teachers and families.  It provides schools with a common language about what it means and feels to be mentally healthy.  We believe that the more we embed messages about emotional health in young children, the more chance we have of positive mental health outcomes now and later in life.


GYM introduces our students to topics such as brain awareness, resilience, mindfulness and compassion and, through discussion and activities, it makes these topics relatable for them.

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Student Wellbeing and Grow Your Mind

At St Patrick's School, student wellbeing is underpinned by 

and clearly defined wellbeing practices and behavioural expectations to support our students as optimistic, compassionate and actively engaged learners.

Positive engagement, self-regulated learning and the ongoing recognition of student achievement play an essential role in our wellbeing framework, and are reinforced explicitly and incidentally both in class and as a whole school. Through this process, our students are encouraged to contribute to their own wellbeing as well as being expected to support the wellbeing of others and the collective wellbeing of the school community.

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